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When I first started cutting hair my purpose was to help those in need (homeless), but now I realize everyone NEEDS to feel loved.  The old hairdresser saying goes like this, “we touch more hearts than hair”.  It is true.  I see many older ladies that don’t have any form of “touch” but the head massage, shampoo, and hug, it may be the only touch they receive that week.  

Just yesterday, I had a client who had massively curly hair & a very sensitive scalp.  It took a lot of work and patience, but at the end of the service she was thrilled and smiling.  It is my goal for everyone to FEEL like I took the time to take care of  him or her.  Sometimes, it isn’t about the HAIR at all, but the TIME well spent.   

I will be hosting a Origami Owl/Traveling Vinyard Party at the salon this Saturday, August 23rd at 7:30PM.  Please stop by to enjoy the fun & free give aways…come get a Taste of some amazing wine (over 21 only), make a special Locket full of YOUR memories & check out the Inviting salon.

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