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Most of the time I can duplicate a picture or description of what you want, but sometimes, I can not create the look you might be going for because of your hair type and texture.  I have to say “NO” to cutting your hair that way.  

After cutting hair for a while now, I want to say “YES” to everyone, but I would be overpromising what I can’t deliever.  I might even lose a client over it, but they may be back after they have gone & had a “bad” haircut from someone else.  I don’t even think it would be a bad haircut, it just wouldn’t be the hair in the picture or the lady’s face in the photo.  

Be realistic about your hair type & texture is vital to having beautiful hair.  Try different looks, but realize that may not be exactly what you pictured, have fun, go for it, and enjoy a change but don’t put so much pressure on yourself or your stylist to make you “perfect”.

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