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People often wonder WHY stylists cut a certain way.  The simple answer is it works the best for them.  But really there is NO PERFECT way.  Finding a stylist who cuts it like you want it can be just as difficult as finding one that you like.  Many people are afraid of razor cutting while others are afraid of “texturizing” shears (thinning).  Precision cutting is my favorite, straight clean lines.  Sometimes, I finish with point cutting and texturizing, if needed (based on hair type).   

My Best advice for any new client is to get a “trim”.  If you like the way they cut your hair, go back for a bigger cut.  But nobody wants to be told “HOW” to do it.  If  you hire a  photographer, for example, you would not tell them what camera or lens to use, because you have no training in the field.  

Let the Professional be the Professional.

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